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Private Ritual

Tailored to your vision

Smertekirken Pain Ritual Resurrection Suspension
Smertekirken Flesh Hook Ritual Swan Dive Suspension
Smertekirken Pain Ritual Chest Suspension with Cheek Spear

Photo: Katarsis Foto

Smertekirken - Church of Pain offer private rituals all year round. When you book a private ritual, you are free to style it any way you want, bring as many friends as you want, and take as much time as you want. You will find useful information on our rituals page about the way we facilitate and how to prepare before you come to us. Please read this information carefully and contact us with any questions that you might have.


Our preferred ritual days are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but we are open to discussing other days as well if these do not work for you. Ideally, sign up at least two weeks in advance to allow us to make the necessary preparations.

On a ritual day, you are welcome to arrive from 8:00 and we’d love it if you were here before 11:00. Since we get up very early on our regular workdays, we finish at 20:00 at the latest on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Other than that, we invite you to take the time you want and need, it’s lovely to spend some time in advance to walk around the property, pet the cats, listen to the birds, and just soak up the vibes in preparation for your ritual. Maybe you want to have a look around and cut down a small tree from our forest to use as a rig for your suspension? 



NOK 2200 Ritual

NOK 3000 Ritual and overnight stay

Price per person. You may pay via bank transfer, PayPal to, or Vipps to 632147. We’ll send you the payment details for bank transfer when you register.


Because of the cost associated with preparing for the ritual, whether it happens at the scheduled time or not, we’re afraid we will not be able to issue refunds. If we must reschedule your ritual, we will transfer half of your payment towards a new ritual within one year.

Food and Accommodation

As a general rule, we will not plan any meals unless you spend the night. We will have some fruit or snacks available, but please bring your own if you want something special. It is recommended to pack a lunch for the day. If needed or desired, we can provide a small meal. Please ask us in advance so we have time to prepare.

If you travel from afar, or you feel you want to stay in the ritual space for a whole day, we have a guest room and some additional sleeping spaces available. There are also many different options for setting up your tent or hammock around the property. If you want to spend the night, we will invite you to join us for meals which often include our own home grown and locally foraged ingredients. If you have any diet restrictions or preferences, or any allergies, please let us know! 

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