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Protest Submitted

For those of you who are following Smertekirken's case to get registered as a religious community, we thought you might be interested in reading the protest we submitted on Monday 20 November at 10:22. The protest is based on the denial we got on Monday 30 October from Statsforvalteren i Agder, the governing authority who decides these cases.

There are several reasons that we are protesting the decision, but some of the main points are that, in the letter denying us registration, Statsforvalteren has:

  • Misquoted important sections of our application

  • Stated that we somehow worship pain, rather than the divinity of Nature

  • Insinuated that we do not have any members or regular observances

You may read our protest (in Norwegian) in the enclosed document.

Klage på avslag 2023_924; 2023_947 Smertekirken-Church of Pain
Download PDF • 1.11MB

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